jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Willmer Elliot

Art HEALS. Art transforms. Art INSPIRES.

If we used the power of art to help transform our society it would patch it up and make it SO MUCH better.

We need art to express ourselves, to find ways of looking at life like we never had before.

Art enriches our spirit and therefore, instantly makes us better human beings.

It sensitizes us politically, socially, economically and culturally.

I'm determined to go back and make of musical theatre a key figure in our society's healing process.

Its gonna be a long, hard and slow one, but now more than ever I'm confident that its one of the things Venezuela lacks and TRULY NEEDS.

Today, while watching Billy Elliot, my heart felt like exploding.

Witnessing how a historical and political moment affected a society full of values and hopes made me think of my country and people.

How a well written play has the ability to transform a terrible story into an inspirational piece of art.

Today I'm a Billy. Tomorrow I'll help Willmer Elliot to tell his story too. We deserve to be heard.

¨And though our hands are bruised and bleeding, and our lungs are full with dust, and our hearts are near to breaking, We will never forget the trust. We will fight through pain and hunger, every arrow, every knife. And we will never give the hope up of a proud and honest life. So we will always stand together. When we stand as one. All out together. All out as one. All out for victory. Till we've won¨ Billy Elliot - The Musical - The Stars Look Down-

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