lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

The day I performed in my first music video

We had SO much fun tonight!

Our agent put us up for a David Garrett video. For those who don't know, he is a famous german violinist who does covers of well known singles.

Today he was shooting the video for his Coldplay cover.

We basically had to dance and jump to the rhythm of the violin version of 'Viva La Vida'.

On top of it, we got to throw loads of powder paint all over the place. It was surreal.

Apart from the fact that we had to swallow a bit of the powder and get it out of our eyes - it sounds awful but it wasn't as much - it was a great opportunity to vent all possible life struggles!

We were all in black, against a huge green screen that covered pretty much the whole studio. We had our hands full with all these bright coloured powders, and then threw it at each other. 

Marval moment: A big chunk of colour powder fell into my eyes the minute the camera was doing a close up of my face, so naturally I couldn't open them. THE moment to shine was gone before I could get rid of it, but with a bit of luck maybe the back of my head will appear in the clip.


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  1. with a bit of luck maybe the clip will have the back of your head in it :)

    You are already a star


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  3. Oh that really is a turnoff, and this is coming from a girl that loves David and both his classical and crossover music ( Though I must admit, I believe I love the classical a bit more.) Also, I would very much love to marry him, and given his genes and mine we would have many highly intelligent prodigious gorgeous babies!! To think that David is behaving like a diva is simply discouraging.

  4. Maybe David didn't like the paint idea because of his very, very expensive violin. Just saying...

  5. Es la versión primer mundista de La Vida Boheme!